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Fantasy Lights Policy

This page describes the policies of Hydro One, Pinafore Park, City of St Thomas and the Fantasy Lights Committee to ensure the safety of the participants and the spectators at all times. These displays are set up in an outdoor environment, in often wet and hazardous conditions, however, by following these simple procedures, we will continue to have safe and successful light shows.



Fantasy and Pinafore Park Policy

All electrical cords must be labeled for outdoor use and C.S.A. approved.  The cords must be tested at the Dance Pavilion prior to setting  up your display.  Power bars of any kind are not acceptable as they are not designed for safe outdoors use.

Participants should be prepared to set up their display in the assigned spot on the set up weekend, or make arrangements with our chairman for an alternate day.  If you cannot meet these requirements, your display may not be tested and approved in time for hook up by opening night 'lights on' ceremony.
All electrical connections must be taped with electrical tape to ensure the connection does not come apart exposing connections, and to keep moisture contamination to a minimum.

All displays must be secured only with sandbags  and the displays must be sturdy enough to stand up to winter storms.  Sandbags are available from Committee members during set up for a minimal charge of  $1.00 each.  Pinafore Park policy does not allow any kind of stakes penetrating the grounds due to potential damage.  
Display participants must be prepared to volunteer for one evening during the display period. Greeting visitors at the front gate, walking around the park viewing the displays, and having hot choculate in the West Pavilion are part of the evening.  Having a group of eight or ten people rotating duties during the evening ensures no one works very long in the cold and also has a chance to enjoy the light show.

7 Watt bulbs are not allowed. 5 Watt bulbs or LED type lights are preferred as there is only one 15 Amp GFI receptacle for each display. CFL flood lights are also preferred over the old incandecent bulbs.

All displays are subject to inspection by a representative of the Electrical Safety Authority before we are allowed to turn on any of the park lights for the show to ensure safety.  Any display which does not meet these requirements will be disconnected so repairs/changes can be completed prior to turning the individual power on.
For further information on electrical safety, please visit the following web site: Electrical Safety Authority.  Remember, Safety First.  These are our children walking through the park.

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