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Volunteering Information

Volunteers are always welcome.  Everyone has skills that can be used for this project.
We meet once a month, with the exception of the summer months, and during October to December, when we meet more often to accommodate the busy time of the year.  In late November, we coordinate the set up and installation of the actual exhibits.  The committee members then coordinate the entertainment, security, repairs and, last but not least, we get to turn the lights on and off each night.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and talent to this worthwhile venture, please contact one of the committee members on the contact page or send us an email to: [email protected].  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your availabilitly, skills and wishes.  You can also complete an application form to make it easier for all of us to find a proper placement for you within the group.

Some of the jobs with which volunteers can help us include:

SET UP: such as decorating trees outside; set up the exterior walls helping with decorating the interior of the Dance Pavilion;  helping with other displays such as delivering sand bags on set up day; assisting commerical displays to complete their set up, or helping bring our displays down from storeage in the Dance Pavilion. This time line for most of this work is the last two weeks of November.

Take Down: This starts on January 1st in earnest, and usually is complete by the first Saturday in the month.  It includes removing lights from trees and storing them in the heated interior of the Dance Pavilion to dry, removing and storing sandbags from the park, removing decorations from the interior of the Dance Pavilion and placing them in storeage upstairs.

While the light show is running, we need volunteers to mingle in the park area during the evening hours, usually in groups of two or more, with a radio, to ensure all the lights are working in a safe manner, and that no visitors are experiencing difficulty while touring the lights.  We also need volunteers to welcome visitors at the front gate during the open hours. 

There is other assistance required, especially for people who cannot physically get to the park,  such as coordination of volunteers and related work; clerical work or web site maintenance,  so do not be afraid to ask if you can assist in any way.


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