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Welcome to the Edison Museum

Edison MuseumThe Edisons forged a history of invention that is still celebrated today.  Four generations struggled, committed themselves and perservered through Upper Canada's wild past of floods, famine, wars and rebellions to not just settle, but play a founding role in the creation of our nation.

If it wasn't for the MacKenzie Rebellion of 1837, Thomas Alva Edison may have been born in Vienna, just like his four siblings before him.  The Edison Museum is a testament to Thomas Edison's roots of invention. The Canadian Connection - The Canadian Collection.

The Museum:  14 Snow Street Vienna:
Howard home, on ground once owned by the Edison Family,
was donated to the Village of Vienna by Helen & Douglas Howard,
to be used as a Museum.

The house was built by Hiram Balcomb in 1853 for Thomas Kerr who had ownership of the land at that time.  From the mid-1800s to the 1890s the home was owned by four different doctors.


The Edison Museum of Vienna features many authentic
Edison artifacts and furniture.
Some of the furniture and artifacts displayed in the Edison Museum
were donated by the late Mrs. Nora Edison Coombe.
Nora was a first cousin of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison
and the last remaining descendant with the Edison name
to live in Vienna, Ontario, Canada.


Invention & Innovation is still Alive in Bayham:

Farming the Wind!!

Erie Shores Wind Turbines
In June 2005 AIM PowerGen Corporation was pleased to announce the construction of the 1st phase of the ERIE SHORES WIND FARM.

This 99MW Wind Farm, a portion of which runs through the Municipality of Bayham, will be Southern Ontario's largest wind power projects, and is currently in operation.  Visit the Erie Shores Wind Farm Interpretive Centre in Port Burwell.

The wind turbine generators that operate the three blades that sit on top of the 80 meter high towers, are manufactured by GE Wind Energy!

Thomas Alva Edison, one of the founders of General Electric would be proud to know General Electric took part in the development of the wind towers that run through the Municipality of Bayham.



Drive along Bayham's lakeshore road & view the majestic wind towers.
Then stop at the EDISON MUSEUM OF VIENNA for a tour.


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