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Animal Control

2009 Dog Tags are now available at the Township


Dog Licence Fees

Please see the Township of Southwold By-Law 2005-06 Appendix "A" for dog licence fees.

Regarding Dogs Running at Large

Pursuant to Township By-Law 2005-06, it is your responsibility to keep your dog confined to your property.  If your dog is found running at large you will be fined:
       1st offence    $ 50.00
       2nd offence   $100.00
       3rd offence    $150.00

Steps in the process of having the dog removed:

  • A dog who is regularly on your property but who never stays long may be trapped in a live trap available at the Township office.  This is an excellent way to deal with nuisance dogs who wander on your property.
  • If possible, confine the dog in an enclosed area such as a garage or shed.  (Open a door, place an item of food inside once animal is inside, close door.)

Once the animal has been captured, contact the Township of Southwold immediately to have the animal removed (519) 769-2010.

In the event you are unable to secure the animal or if you consider the dog to be dangerous, contact the Township office at (519) 769-2010.

  • Keep the dog in sight until Animal Control arrives.  Have a description of the dog available and note direction of travel.

Cage Availability

Having difficulties catching and confining the dog?  The Township has a cage that may be useful in catching the dog.  Please contact the Township office for further information at (519) 769-2010.  A deposit is required.


No person shall keep a dog kennel without a licence.

Every owner of a kennel shall pay to the Township of Southwold an annual kennel licence fee.

No kennel may be established except where it is permitted under the applicable Zoning by-law in force.


The Township of Southwold does not pick up stray cats.

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