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Port Stanley Harbour Divestiture - Message from Mayor Sylvia Hofhuis

Fellow Residents of the Municipality of Central Elgin,

In recent months the Municipality of Central Elgin has been providing information about the Port Stanley Harbour divestiture issue to the public through a news conference, advertisements and notices in local newspapers and by participating in an open house.

The Ministry of the Environment ran the open houses on two evenings: February 25th at the Port Stanley Arena and on February 26th at the St. Thomas-Elgin Memorial Arena. Key people directly involved in divestiture talks, protection of the environment and the security of our drinking water were on hand to answer all questions.

We realize that not everyone had an opportunity to attend so we have replicated displays and summarized the most pertinent and most asked questions and answers to help you interpret the displays.

You can access the displays by clicking here.

To view additional background information on harbour divestiture, click here.

I hope you will provide feedback on this feature and will submit any further questions you have so we can provide you with the answer.

Municipal Drain Maintenance
The Municipality of Central Elgin is currently preparing a list of municipal drain deficiencies for the 2009 maintenance program. We are asking for your help identifying problems with municipal drains servicing your property.
What should I do?
If a municipal drain crosses your property, please inspect the drain for sink holes, tile blow outs or other maintenance related problems.   If you find an area in need of repair, please note the tile size, the location, the name of the drain and contact the Physical Service Department at 519-631-4860.  An on-site inspection appointment will be arranged to investigate the problem.
Who pays for the repairs?
Municipal Drains are managed through the Ontario Drainage Act and the cost of the drain repairs are charged to those properties that are serviced by the drain.
If you have any additional questions please call the Physical Services Department at 519-631-4860 or click here

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