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Our Mission is to provide human and financial resources to new and existing businesses in Elgin County and to act as a catalyst for community economic development in our community.

Elgin CFDC was formed in 1986 and was known as the Elgin Local Employment Assistance and Development Corporation. In 1996 Elgin LEAD amalgamated with the Elgin Community Futures Committee to assist and encourage job creation through the creation of small business enterprises and community economic development throughout Elgin County.

Our business development objectives:

- to provide financing to new and existing small businesses in Elgin County to create jobs.
- to provide consultation to client businesses and others on basic business issues to keep the loan default rate at an absolute minimum and to encourage further job creation.
- to assist loan applicants and other businesses in the commercial financing or accessing information relevant to their business problems.
- to provide business education to clients on topics identified of interest to local business people.

In the past 17 years, our loans fund has advanced over $7 million that was leveraged into $9.5 million. The businesses that received these loans created 1000 jobs in the short term and no doubt more over time. In 2003 we loaned out over $1 million dollars to small business in Elgin County.

Our community development objectives:

- to facilitate community strategic planning for all of Elgin County.
- to promote growth in economic sectors such as tourism, business and manufacturing.
- to encourage cooperative marketing with Elgin County.
- to encourage communication, cooperation and coordination between and among groups, agencies and governments.
  - to promote policies that help create employment and business growth.
  - to assist in the development and needs of economic sectors.
  - to enhance community identities and image.


Our office is located on the corner of South Edgeware Road and Burwell Road in St. Thomas, ON Canada.

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 - 4:30
Friday: 8:30 - 4:00

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