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We are proud to be Elgin’s Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC). CFDCs support community economic development across Canada by assisting rural communities to strengthen and diversify their economies.

We are establishing Elgin County as one of Ontario’s premier locations for rural development.



We can facilitate your start-up, relocation, restructuring or expansion plans in Elgin County. You can access capital and knowledge of the local marketplace through our professional staff. Contact our economic development officers or business consultants to discuss your plans.

Elgin CFDC’s community development objectives are:

  • to facilitate community strategic planning for all of Elgin County
  • to promote growth in economic sectors such as tourism, business and manufacturing
  • to encourage cooperative marketing with Elgin County and its lower tier municipalities
  • to encourage communication, cooperation and coordination between and among groups, agencies and governments
  • to promote policies that help create employment and business growth
  • to assist in the development and needs of economic sectors
  • to enhance community identities and image.


With our partners in economic development, we are transforming our regional economy. We promote active collaboration between Elgin County municipalities and federal and provincial governments and local economic development agencies to ensure our communities' growth strategies are realized.

We initiate and provide direct investment into planning and economic development projects designed to stimulate economic growth in Elgin County.





Our office is located on the corner of South Edgeware Road and Burwell Road in St. Thomas, ON Canada.

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 - 4:30
Friday: 8:30 - 4:00


As a subsidiary of Elgin Community Futures Development Corporation (ECFDC) elginconnects consists of a large number of stakeholders representing a wide variety of community sectors throughout the County of Elgin and the City of St. Thomas.

Responding to a critical need for greater information and communication technology in St. Thomas and Elgin, elginconnects has undertaken the development of a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure including the establishment of a new web portal or “one-door” information and services centre, broadband access and affordable high-speed internet to all residents. Through innovative partnering between public and private organizations and groups across the county, elginconnects is an electronic infrastructure project and is leading the way toward greater economic growth, increased business opportunities, unlimited access to regional, provincial, federal and global services and information and will provide a wealth of residential services and resources.

With this initiative elginconnects is dedicated to linking and enhancing local governments, education, health and social services, libraries, tourism, the agricultural sector, business and industry.

This new smart community infrastructure and service will connect our communities to each other and to information and resources from around the world.


300 South Edgeware Rd, St. Thomas, ON Canada N5P 4L1 | Phone: (519) 633-7597 | Fax: (519) 633-5070 | Email: [email protected]