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What is CAP?
The Community Access Program (CAP) is a Government of Canada initiative, administered by Industry Canada, that aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills they need to use it effectively. With the combined efforts of the federal, provincial and territorial governments, community groups, social agencies, libraries, schools, volunteer groups and the business community, CAP helps Canadians, wherever they live, take advantage of emerging opportunities in the new global knowledge-based economy. Under CAP, public locations like schools, libraries and community centres act as “on-ramps” to the Information Highway, and provide computer support and training.

CAP is the key component of the Government of Canada’s Connecting Canadians initiative, whose goal is to make Canada the most connected nation in the world. CAP started in 1994 in rural communities with populations up to 50,000. Then in December 1999, following a successful pilot program in urban communities, CAP is now being rolled out to larger population centres of over 50,000. By March 31, 2001, Industry Canada wants to establish public Internet access sites in up to 10,000 rural, remote and urban communities across Canada.

It is hoped that CAP sites will increasingly join together in networking opportunities enabling them to pool resources and form networks to be able to offer even more to their communities.



Elgin CFDC Community Access Program (CAP) Centre.

The ElginCFDC CAP Site is widely used by the CMG students, small business owners, employees, and the general public.

Elgin CFDC is the Network Host for 15 CAP sites in Elgin County and is the administrative head of the network. Go to the CAP LOCATIONS section to find the closest site in your area.

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