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The Bayham Historical Society

Following the Sesquicentennial Celebrations held in Bayham on July 22 & 23, 2000, the Bayham 150 Committee discovered a wealth of information and artifacts that needed to be preserved.

Accordingly, the Bayham Historical Society was developed in 2001 and currently has approximately forty members. It works closely with both the Edison Museum of Vienna and the Port Burwell Marine Museum for the purpose of documenting Bayham's history and collecting artifacts. Newly acquired artifacts that are discovered during research are housed in the museums.

The Bayham Historical Society has its own room in the Edison Museum dedicated for displays and to use for the purposes of storing and exhibiting information and documentation.

Bayham Historical Society Objectives:

  • To encourage and stimulate interest within the community in the history of the Municipality of Bayham and its environs;
  • To bring together individuals interested in the research, preservation, promotion and advancement of the history of the area;
  • To hold meetings for the preservation and discussion of historical information relating primarily to the Bayham area;
  • To publish local historical information about the area;
  • To identify local sites of historical interest;
  • To co-operate with other historical societies and related organizations.

2010 Executive Members:

Ray Maddox- President
[email protected]
Robert Heil - Treasurer Cheryl J. Peters -Secretary


Donna Baldwin - Advertising Director Mary Newland - Social Director
Charles Baldwin - Research Director Ray Maddox - Research Director
Cheryl J. Peters & Ray Maddox - Museums Bayham Representatives

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