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Are you interested in reducing your cost of living? When you add it all up the advantages of living and conducting business in St. Thomas is impressive. Building costs, utilities, recreation costs all work to your advantage in St. Thomas. So what are you waiting for ---- there is 25% More Life in St. Thomas. You will find that we are a city open for business; we are a city committed to economic development, committed to partnerships, and most important, a city strongly committed to the future. I welcome the opportunity to share this vision with you. Over 50,000 people call our community "home", but we still have room for you. If you are searching for new opportunities, a business friendly environment, and a quality of life that is second to none, consider St. Thomas. Visit the
St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation.

St. Thomas, Ontario is known as the "Railway Capital of Canada" because of our long-standing railway heritage. In 1856, the London and Port Stanley Railway opened marking the beginning of a new transportation era for St. Thomas. By 1914 eight-different railways were operating in St. Thomas with more than 100 trains a day passing through our City. The railways gave St. Thomas unparalleled economic growth allowing our City to claim the title of Railway City.

The Railway was the dominant employer in St. Thomas until the 1950's. The end of the steam engine era coincided with the downsizing of the railway in St. Thomas. As employment in the railway sector disappeared the City became aggressive in its efforts of attracting new businesses and jobs to the City. You will find some of this country's finest manufacturers here, including Ford's renowned "Crown Victoria" auto plant, Sterling Trucks, Magna Corporation and Canadian Timken to name just a few. Yet, despite its robust economic activity, St. Thomas retains all the charm of a small town. It is a community known for friendly people, easy, inexpensive living in safe neighbourhoods with abundant, accessible parkland and community facilities.

St. Thomas, Ontario is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario in beautiful Elgin County. Surrounding St. Thomas are numerous picturesque towns, lakeside villages and historic hamlets, each with their own unique charm.

No city is more strategically located, just moments from the 401 corridor and halfway between Detroit on the west, Toronto and Buffalo to the east. Each is just a little more than a two hour drive away. Visit the St. Thomas-Elgin Tourist Association for fun and exciting events in the City of St. Thomas.

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