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You're in Good Company

Home to Ford's 2.4 million sq. ft. assembly plant which employs over 2,800 people. Southwold Township features an enviable concentration of industrial activity. Economic interests include manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and industrial supply and support services. Industries are attracted to the many benefits of a 'green field' location, all available without compromising access to a large skilled and stable labour force. We have plenty of room for more industry. Large parcels of serviced land are available, complete with railway spur linkages if required.

A nice Place to visit, A great place to Live

Area residents and seasoned visitors alike return regularly to Shedden, a country town that features shops and a variety of interesting boutiques. For the historically inclined explorer, Southwold 'earthworks' features an ancient settlement where stone axes and other remnants of the stone age have been discovered. Similarly, the 'War to Roses' Walking trail, a former World War II training facility (now the Fingal Wildlife Management area) creates a unique combination of history and natural beauty.

Enjoy Our Country Hospitality

Our many small hamlets, the beautiful countryside make for an enjoyable visit, and an enviable lifestyle. Southwold Township offers all of the simple pleasures of country living without sacrificing access to urban amenities. In Southwold the pleasures of country estate living are possible within minutes of the cities of St. Thomas and London.

Agricultural Services

As a predominantly rural community with a strong agricultural base, you'll find a wide range of companies offering supplies, equipment and services to the farming community.

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