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Download Electronic Books and E-Audio Books with Net Library

Elgin County Libraries can give you access to a number of electronic books, and electronic audio books, available through a database called Net Library.

What is Net Library?

Net Library is an Internet based collection of electronic books (eBooks). There is a broad range of topics, including fiction and even non-fiction titles covering medicine, computers,  history, and psychology. There is also a public domain collection containing approximately 4000 e-books, featuring classics that are available free to everyone.

E-books are available on all public computers in the branch libraries, where you can read online through a Web browser. The books can also be read from home using your own computer.

How do I find books on Net Library?

E-books can be searched by author, title, keyword or even by keyword within a book's full text. E-books contained in Elgin Library's collection are searchable through the library's online catalogue.

Click on the link within the catalogue record that says "See details". This will link you directly to Net Library.

You will need a Net Library account to access the books within our collection. To establish an account, click here to authenticate your Elgin County Library card and proceed to Net Library. Select "Create a Free Account" and fill out the form. You only need to do this once;  but please, remember your user name and password for future reference!

Net Library has a fabulous "Help" feature. Find tips and tricks on searching your favourite books by clicking on "Help", once you have created an account. It only takes a minute to read, and will go a long way in helping you navigate through our e-book collection.

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