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Inter-Library Loans
Now You Can Do It Yourself!

The Elgin County Library is please to introduce patron-initiated Inter-Library Loan services through INFO Ontario.

What is Inter-Library Loan (ILLO)?

Any requested book or item that is not in the Elgin County Library's system is considered an Inter-Library Loan. Please note that an ILLO is different than placing a hold or requesting an item from another branch WITHIN the Elgin County Library's system. Patrons must check the Elgin County Library's catalogue first to determine if the item is available within the system prior to making an ILLO request.

How Can I Sign Up?

Patrons must first possess an Elgin County Library card and have an ILLO patron record established by our staff.  This can be done by contacting our Inter-Library Loan office via e-mail, or by calling 519-631-1460.

Where Do I Access the Database and How Do I Use It?

Right here.

You will first need to log in with your User ID, password, and Authentication Service that was supplied by our Inter-Library Loan office. 

Users can search for items anywhere in the INFO Ontario network using key words such as the title, or you can do an advanced search under specific criteria such as the name of the author.

To submit the request, click on "Get It" next to the desired item, then click "Submit" on the attendant form.

How Long Does It Take to Fill a Request?

This varies depending on the availability of supply for the item. Many requests are filled in as little as one week and up to six weeks but harder to find items could take several weeks.

How Can I Monitor the Progress of My Request?

You will be able to view the status of your request by looking at "My Account", then "My Requests" on the side-bar of the page.  This will allow you to search "My Requests" by title, author, or the ILLO number (original request number). By clicking on "View", you will be able to follow the status of your request and know when it has been processed, shipped, and received.  The specifics of the information are located in the "Notes" section at the bottom of the "Request Details" page.  If there is any problem with the request, library staff will alert you.

Please, do not re-submit your request.

How Will I Be Notified That My Material Is Available?

Patron notification will take place once the item has been received at the branch library where the patron is registered.  Library staff will inform the patron by telephone or email.  Prompt pick-up ensures that you will have the maximum borrowing time.

Keep in mind...

Although the service is free to Elgin County patrons, there may be a fee charged by a lending library or university for "special materials".  

Most university libraries have instituted a lending fee, usually a minimum of $10.00. Locations in the United States charge a minimum of $20.00 U.S. and customs fees may apply. Unless you pre-authorize fees we will notify you before requesting from a location that charges.

Authorization from the borrower will be obtained before proceeding with the request.


To check for archival microfilm from the Archives of Ontario, access the Microfilm Interloan Service section of their website. We will require the microfilm reference code (GS1, GS2, MS, B), along with the reel number and a brief description of the item (i.e. vital statistics, court records etc.). There is a limit of 3 microfilms per customer.

To check for archival microfilm from the Library and Archives of Canada, access Archivianet. The microfilm reference number is required, along with a brief description of the item (i.e. passenger lists, census returns, land records etc.).

Newspaper microfilm requests should specify newspaper name and date (year and month).

And, as always...

An Inter-Library Loan request may be made in person or by telephone at any Elgin County branch library.

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