Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are Nutrient Management Strategy/Plans?

1. Nutrient Management Strategies deal the production and storage of nutrients as well as the destination of the nutrients.

2. Nutrient Management Plans deal with the application of nutrients. They may or may not deal with production or storage issues.

Both must be renewed every five years

Q When do I have to implement a Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan?
A July 1, 2005 for existing operation producing 300 NU or more (or)
Now if:
It is a brand new operation producing more than 5 NU
It is requirement for obtaining a municipal building permit
An operation is expanding to greater than 300 NU
Q What is a nutrient unit (NU)?
A The amount of nutrients that give the fertilizer replacement value of the lower of 43 kg (95 lbs) nitrogen or 55 kg (121 lbs) phosphate.
A nutrient unit only relates to manure generated on the farm and helps to determine if a farm is subject to regulation.
It also helps to define if an outdoor storage confinement is low density or high density.
It is not related to a fixed amount of land.
Q According to the regulations and protocols of the Nutrient Management Act I do not have to implement a Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan yet. What are my responsibilities under the Act with regard to nutrient management?
A Although you do not have to have an approved Nutrient Management Strategy/Plan, you are still bound by some of the rules and regulations of the act with regard to nutrient management especially if you have biosolids applied on your farm. However, you should also be aware that the Nutrient Management Act is now used to define normal farm practices in relations to nutrient application. These practices are outlined in the Nutrient Management Regulations and Protocols. This is especially important if you are the subject of a complaint. You must be able to demonstrate due diligence to show that you are in compliance with "normal" nutrient management practices as outlined in the regulations and protocols. Therefore, it is in your interest to keep detailed records of your cropping practices, information about your livestock, details about nutrient applications, farm and field sketches and other information as required. For more information contact your local OMAF NMP Specialist.
Q Where can I find information on nutrient management strategies/plans?

Information regarding nutrient management strategies/plans can be found on the OMAF web site by clicking here.

Q I don’t have an internet connection at home. How can I access information about nutrient management strategies/plans?

1. Access the internet through the free computer terminals at an Elgin County CAP sites or a community library
2. Contact the NMP hotline: 1-866-242-4460
3. Contact Dean Donaldson, OMAF NMP Specialist: (519) 873-4097
4. Contact an approved NMP consultant.

Q What information is required in order to set up a nutrient management strategy/plan?

The following information is required for some or all nutrient management strategies/plans:

1. Farm unit information

a. Farm unit declaration form
  b. Location maps – road map to the farm and fields
  c. Farm sketch for each farm in the farm unit

2. Sketch of the features of each field to receive nutrients
3. Soil test information
4. Inventory and description of prescribed materials
5. Nutrient content analysis
6. Description of nutrient storage – type, capacity, dimensions
7. Contingency plan
8. Nutrient destinations
9. Cropping and Application practices
10. Runoff management
11. Outdoor confinement areas
12. Non-agricultural source material
13. Winter applications?
14. Agreements

a. Application agreements
  b. Broker Agreements
  c. Nutrient Transfer Agreements

15. Sign off forms
16. Good record keeping system




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