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Advanced Agriculture Leadership Program is an executive development program for men and women who want to broaden their horizons and expand their networks to help shape the future of the agriculture and food sectors in Ontario.

Find and Access Commodities Groups using this very useful searchable database listing of all provincially based associations dealing with rural communities, and the entire agriculture and food industry in Ontario. Can be used to make customized lists, mailing labels, or find provincial organisations using keyword searches. is a portal devoted to Agri-business and provides a wealth of information and services to Ag-based businesses and people from the US and Canada.

Junior Farmers Association of Ontario Mission Statement: "To Build Future Rural Leaders Through Self Help and Community Betterment", Junior Farmers' Association of Ontario offer a wide variety of programs throughout the year to each member and each club across the province.

OATI Learning Group provides clients with the best and the latest in consulting advice as it relates to training, development and assessment services.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture is a farmer-lead dynamic provincial lobby which works to represent the interests of its farm members to government.
Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA) ( is a vital network of competent members providing quality advice and service to the agri-food system.

Ontario Rural Council (TORC) is a trusted forum which brings together those who share a commitment to building strong rural communities and organizations. The Council provides a unique and important opportunity for multi-sector co-operation within the rural sector.

Rural Online Communications website can help you plan your calendar, discuss your areas of interest, keep on current issues relevant to rural Ontario, receive news releases and newsletters, and locate key people across all sectors of Ontario.




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