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These are links to the portals of various government agencies responsible for Agriculture and Agri-business within the three levels of government.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) provides information, research and technology, and policies and programs to achieve security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth.

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA) administers tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories; and various social and economic benefit and incentive programs delivered through the tax system.

Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund (CARD) is the Government of Canada�s initiative to foster the increased long-term growth, employment and competitiveness of Canada�s agricultural and agri-food industry and agricultural rural areas.

Canadian Farm Business Management Council is the only national organization in Canada devoted exclusively to developing and distributing advanced farm management information.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency delivers all federal inspection services related to food; animal health; and plant protection.

Canadian Rural Partnership is the key policy framework supporting federal rural policy efforts to date.

Farm Debt Mediation Service provides insolvent farmers and their creditors with mediation services pursuant to the federal Farm Debt Mediation Act (FDMA) and Regulations to help them arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country�its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

The Farm Consultation Service provides confidential financial management counselling to farmers through a path finding/referral service and a direct, one-on-one financial management counselling service.

The Rural Secretariat is a focal point for the Government of Canada to work in partnership with Canadians in rural and remote areas to build strong, dynamic communities.

Government of Ontario this portal is the starting point to find services and information related to the Province of Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) Here you will find a wealth of information on Ontario's dynamic agri-food industry and rural communities and the services and programs OMAF provides.

Ministry of the Environment provides resources and information regard Ontario�s environmental health.

County and Municipal
The following links provide access to the web-sites of local government structures within Elgin County.

County of Elgin
City of St. Thomas
Town of Aylmer
Municipality of Bayham
Municipality of Central Elgin
Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich
Municipality of West Elgin
Township of Malahide
Township of Southwold




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