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St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a city on the move that retains all the charm of a small town. It's a community known for friendly people, growing industrial and commercial activity and in expensive living in safe neighbourhoods.

Aylmer is a picturesque town of 7,018 people located in Elgin County. A rest stop for over 60,000 migrating swans each year, the town features a rich history with Mennonite Culture.

Bayham is nestled along the northern shoreline of Lake Erie from the picturesque village of Port Burwell in the south to the gently rolling farmland in the north.

Malahide, known for its rich agricultural industry includes the villages of Springfield, Lyons, Mount Salem, Copenhagen and Port Bruce.

Central Elgin
A growing municipality that is home to the villages of Union, historic Sparta, Belmont and Port Stanley which has one of the finest stretches of sandy beaches on the north shore of Lake Erie.

Dutton Dunwich
Historic Colonel Talbot's settlement is celebrated here in the Township of Dunwich. The village of Dutton is home to a new Home for the Aged, a modern library and large child care centre.

From the apple orchards in the south through the small villages of Southwold there is a friendly rural mix with the urban industrial sector including the Ford Motor Assembly Plant.

West Elgin
The unspoiled west - land of resources, opportunity and beauty, a new health centre and scholls, includes Rodney, West Lorne, and Port Glasgow. An ideal strategic location for industries looking for proximity to the 401 corridor halfway between Windsor and Toronto.


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